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Throughout our journey we have focused on solutions, completely based on our customers’ needs. From being a finance company, we provides a place for safe keeping, is a reflection of many things,

  • Inclusiveness
  • Progress for all
  • Simplicity
  • Action and Urgency

These are not just words. In fact, they are the very pillars on which Nirmal Finance would be serving you, the most important member of the Nirmal Finance Family. As we grow, we continue to be farsighted, aligning the interest of our community at large.

Despite running healthy growing businesses, entrepreneurs in India consistently struggle to raise timely credit from banks. Those that succeed often have to pledge personal property to fund business needs. Restrictive lending policies, inflexible collateral requirements and slow disbursement times by formal financial institutions frequently push SMEs towards informal financiers; but while these lenders are quick to offer funds, crippling interest rates tie down the borrower to a chronic cycle of debt.

Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting

The service rendered by Consultants to the with respect to Diligence, Feasibility Studies, Investment Banking, Project Funding etc comes under the preview of financial consulting. This fiscal adviser gives suitable suggestion from various experts, who have special knowledge or ability to perform specific tasks as per the requirement of the clients.

We provide following consultancy services

  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Feasibility
  • Investment Banking
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Project Finance
  • Buyers Credit

Management Consulting

Management Consulting

These oriented services aim to bring specialized diagnostic skills in handling a variety of special projects ranging from specific problem solving to long term strategic planning to business process designing to setting up of a control framework. The range of consultancy services includes:

We provide following Management consultancy services

  • Business Planning & Strategies
  • Risk Management Systems
  • Investment Banking
  • Business Process Consulting
  • Designing of Control System
  • Consulting for PPP Mode Projects
  • Consulting for various Government tendering processes.

Marketing Consultancy

Marketing Consultancy

Consultancy services from NFCS help you to get your goods to market smoothly and efficiently. To ensure you gain full market access, your goods must comply with the requirements of your target market. Identifying and meeting those requirements is a complex challenge.

Government Tender Leasing Consultancy

Service Description

We offer Government Leasing Consultancy Services, we also helps for Government advertises tender opportunities and we research and identify relevant government tender opportunities for your business, removing the need for you to do tender searching. We also provide dedicated consultancy support, access to templates and checklists to support tender development. These can normally be accessed by paying a fee for service


  • End to end services through entire life cycle of the tendering process
  • Register interest for Govt Offices/ Departments/ PSU at the State and Central level
  • Maintain and advise on advance information for upcoming projects
  • Pre-Qualification assistance and guidance withnecessary information/ data to prepare for the most competitive offer.
  • Develop your tender response strategy
    • How much will it cost to prepare the tender?
    • What information do we need to gather?
    • What resources will we need to fulfil the contract?
    • Who will manage the tender project?
    • How will we plan the workload, assign the work required, schedule the meetings?
    • Who is our competition and what are our chances of winning?
    • What is our plan for marketing our products and services and pitching our business?
  • Offer services with Complete trust and total reliability.